Related Notice

LG Sangnam Press Foundation supports overseas training for journalists in order to help them enhance their global competitiveness. 

We offer support for living expenses, tuition fees, and airfare so that journalists can engage in reporting and research activities for one year at various overseas bodies including universities, international organizations, research institutes, and companies. 

The program is open to journalists with at least seven years of experience in the fields of newspapers, broadcasting companies, and news agencies. Applicants are subject to document screening and interviews, and successful candidates have the freedom to choose their own training institutions based on their plans. 

The call for applications is posted on our website at the end of each year. Applications are accepted until the end of January, and selection takes place in March. (Please note that the specific schedule is subject to change.)

LG상남언론재단 해외연수 지원사업 프로세스

  • December of the previous year
    • Call for applications (website)
  • January-February
    • Application period (email/post)
  • March
    • Screening (applications & interviews) > Results announcement (website) > Orientation session
  • April-June
    • Pre-departure session / Certificate Presentation Ceremony (June)
  • July-August
    • Departure
  • July-August of the following year
    • Return to Korea (final report due)
  • September
    • Presentation of achievements (Welcome home party)
  • * Subject to change