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LG Sangnam Press Foundation runs linguistic training programs tailored to meet the needs of journalists for the purpose of enhancing their proficiency in foreign languages. 

Currently, the program is only available in English, and the 8-week course includes one week of camp training. 

Participants spend seven weeks commuting to and from a selected language education center located in Seoul for intensive training with native speakers, followed by a one-week camp training in Korea for more practical experience.

Our linguistic education program is tailored to meet the needs of incumbent journalists so that they can improve their practical communication skills. In particular, it has gained popularity as a preparatory course for those about to become overseas correspondents. 

Participants are selected through document screening based on a comprehensive review of their relevant work experience and linguistic skills, taking into consideration any upcoming overseas appointments. Successful candidates receive support for all expenses in Korea and abroad including tuition fees.

LG상남언론재단 해외연수 지원사업 프로세스

    • December of the previous year
      • Call for applications (website)
    • January-February
      • Application period (email/post)
    • March
      • Screening of applications > Results announcement (website) > Orientation session
    • April-May
      • Linguistic training program (8 weeks)

* Subject to change